Uprooted was founded in the spring of 2019 as a handcrafted beverage company that offers fresh flavors of sodas and coffee informed by our family roots in Southeast Asia. Like many small businesses, the global pandemic put an indefinite hold on our vision of crafting beverages for our customers. 

The pandemic has provided us time to take care of our family and adjust our mission for this company. As we started to brew up new ideas, we were reminded of our trip to Laos in 2018 and attending the Lao Coffee Festival. We learned about the rich history of coffee in Laos and experienced the emerging scene of carefully crafted specialty coffees. 

We begin this new journey by introducing specialty coffees from the Bolaven Plateau rainforest region of Laos and other single-origin coffee from places we hope to travel to.


As former refugees and children of immigrants, we know all too well about the struggle of being uprooted from our homeland. Like the coffee plant, vibrant refugee communities like the one we grew up in continue to thrive and persevere in new and challenging environments.

This mission of Uprooted is informed by our refugee and immigrant experience in America. We seek to support and uplift communities we care about through our venture. We combine the love for our communities and passion for specialty coffees to bring you smooth flavors with a great cause. 

We are committed to donating a portion of all sales to immigrant- and refugee-serving organizations and organizations that are fighting for a more just and equitable society.

As entrepreneurs, we are proud of our immigrant roots!

With Love and Solidarity, 

Saengmany, Gao, K, & Z